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Spencer's mental health crisis |  Modern Midwifery Blog

“Every mother meets her child in battle… the pain, the struggle, the struggle for a separate breath. The mother is a warrior, she endures everything.

Episode 5 dealt with a story that I would like to focus on – Spencer and her mental health crisis of schizophrenia and the lack of availability of quick resources. As a modern day midwife, these issues really struck me because they still exist. Some of the issues we still face with clients may include a lack of awareness, stigma and fear surrounding mental health issues, client resistance, unavailability of openings for health resources and appointments mental health, greater funding issues for mental health, access to necessary medications and non-pharmacological therapies, and issues of incarceration rather than treatment.

When an individual interprets reality abnormally, it can be a serious mental disorder called schizophrenia. There may be a combination of hallucinations, delusions, and extremely disordered thoughts and behaviors that impair the individual’s daily functioning. As we saw in the episode, schizophrenia can be debilitating. It is very difficult for a person with this diagnosis because it requires lifelong treatment.

In men, symptoms of schizophrenia typically begin in their early to mid-20s, while in women, symptoms typically begin in their late 20s (Mayo Clinic, 2023). It is rare for children to be diagnosed with schizophrenia and rare for those over the age of 45 (Mayo Clinic, 2023).

There are a number of reasons why resources are not always available, but this can lead to issues such as a lack of available providers, if someone lives in a rural area, income level and health issues. ‘assurance. There may also be barriers to seeking help, such as stigmatizing beliefs or the perception that things aren’t serious enough. In the episode, we also witnessed difficulties in getting help when needed. I see many other health care providers dual-certifying as Psychic Mental Health Nurse Practitioners to help address the mental health crisis we face in our modern world. In addition, it is essential that we offer a range of therapies adapted to each client. I truly believe that we need to attend to mind, body and spirit and this involves various modalities to improve and optimize a person’s health.

In our episode, I was impressed with Nurse Nancy, Dr Turner and Cyril as they all recognized the need for prompt medical treatment. yet, it was heartbreaking with the time limits for access, and we witnessed the dangers for many with this delay.

I can’t wait to see the next episode to follow up on the clash with Lucille. Cyril needed his support so badly and I loved how his community and support system organized an overseas call. Friendship is such a strong thing and you felt the warm embrace towards him with this gesture. I have to say my heart sank (and my mouth literally dropped open in shock) when we found out she wasn’t home at the time because she was at work…and had agreed to stay in the maternity ward for 6 months!!

Thank you Call the Midwife for highlighting an important mental health issue and the challenges and obstacles that may exist – the show consistently highlights important issues and is not afraid of the tragedies that may exist when they don’t. are not resolved. Below I have listed several resources for learning more about schizophrenia and resources for mental health assistance.

“A mother lasts because a mother loves. The cord that connects her to her child is never completely severed even when it is torn and bleeding. The battle is not chosen but must be embraced as babies kiss. The mother fights in the hope of a coming peace. There will always be gifts to open and blessings to count. A mother’s heart is strong. There will always be a place where love can find a voice, even in silence. Everyone has a mother somewhere – it doesn’t matter if they can’t be touched or seen because we are all connected to each other. Our stories intertwine, our sorrows unite us, our joys bloom hand in hand…past, present and future. We cherish; we share; we survive.


Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine

National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH)

Help for mental illnesses

US Department of Health and Human Services

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