‘You’re not elite athletes’: Bodybuilding beast slams fitness influencers for selling a lie on social media about sports

'You're not elite athletes': Bodybuilding beast slams fitness influencers for selling a lie on social media about sports

Canadian bodybuilding icon and retired IFBB pro, Mike Van Wyck has always been outspoken about gym etiquette and several other issues related to the sport of bodybuilding. In his quest to make the gym a loyal place for fitness fanatics, Wyck is back once again with some valuable advice to share with his fandom. This time, Wyck called out the fitness enthusiasts who add a host of cinematography in their workout videos rather than showing the actual storyline behind those workout exercises.

Two months ago, the fitness influencer pulled back the curtains on the real picture of what working out at the gym looks like. Nonetheless, he also shared his candid take on why adding cutscenes and dramatic edits are irrelevant when it comes to workout videos.

Mike Van Wyck disregards cinematic edits in training videos


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On February 18, Wyck took to his Instagram handle to share his take on adding irrelevant changes to the drive coils. In the video, the Canadian said: “There’s a specific couple of people who are like really f**king expanding in the fitness industry right now with like their super intense f**king hyper motivational workout images”. Expressing his rebuke, he added: “But as one, you are not elite athletes. You know what I mean, their livelihood doesn’t depend on how you train or how intense you are. you do it just for you”.

Stop acting like the most mundane exercise is the most intense part of your day. It’s like we’re all here doing the same thing…but if I put music behind it and I do this row of wires and put some cinematic shit on it, and they’re like ‘ Oh I’m here at the machine. The handle, the light in the eyes, the sweat on the forehead‘” Wyck conceded.

Interestingly, he also drew parallels between the actual workout routine and one filled with editing and cinematography. He first added dramatic music built into the reel, then showed his fans a behind-the-scenes footage of the actual workout. Captioning the post, Wyck wrote: “Gorified mediocrity”. Similarly, social media influencer and fitness icon Joey Swoll who is also considered the CEO of gym positivity once called out fitness fanatics and gym goers who log their workouts regardless of the privacy of their gym mates.


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Joey Swoll once took issue with the popular trend of posting workout videos

Nowadays, recording workouts and posting them online has become a trend. However, while doing this, many remain oblivious to the fact that sharing videos online can infringe on the privacy of others. On this, Swol said: “This right to film in the gym, to act like the world revolves around you and everyone has to stop what they’re doing just because you’re filming the video, has to stop”.


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He further added:if you can’t film responsibly if you can’t respect others, you don’t care to film alone in the gym in the first place. You must do better. Look after your own business”. Bodybuilding icons like Mike Van Wyck and Joey Swoll have some pretty intriguing perspectives on maintaining a positive gym culture. Clearly, approaching these alcoves was now becoming the need of the hour. What is your vision of positivity in the gym? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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