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Kathy Griffin talks about being diagnosed with ‘complex PTSD’

Kathy Griffin talks about being diagnosed with 'complex PTSD'
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This story is about suicide. If you or someone you know is at risk of suicide, please call US National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-8255, text TALK to 741741 or go to for additional resources.

Kathy Griffin gets real with her fans, opening up about her daily experience with post-traumatic stress disorder and anxiety attacks.

The 62-year-old comedian shared for the first time publicly in a video last week that she had been diagnosed with “an extreme case” of complex PTSD, asking other TikTok users to share how they are coping with similar conditions .

“If any of you know my story, you’ll understand that it really started for me about five and a half years ago, wink, you know, cancer didn’t help,” a- she declared, still smiling. has contacted representatives for Griffin.

In 2021, Griffin shared that she would be undergoing major lung surgery amid her battle with cancer.

The ‘My Life on the D-List’ funny woman expanded on her health issues on Instagram at the time and said she had attempted suicide the previous year.

“The last time I was in the hospital was June 2020 when I tried to kill myself and overdose on prescription pills,” Griffin said. “With over a year clean and drug free, I now know I can do this and anything I want without those evil pills.”

In May 2017, CNN ended her deal with Griffin to appear on their New Year’s Eve program, which she had hosted with Anderson Cooper for nearly a decade, following a controversial tweet.

At the time, Griffin posted a brief video clip on Twitter of herself holding a bloodied head that appeared to be that of former President Donald Trump. In a follow-up tweet, she clarified that she does not condone violence and that her video “only mocked the mockingbird in chief.” The tweets have since been deleted.

According to the National Center for PTSD, complex PTSD stems from “chronic trauma” that recurs for months or years at a time.

In the comedian’s TikTok videos, she explains how her symptoms manifest and the things that have helped her deal with them.

On April 14, she posted a video in which she shared that she had had an “eight-hour attack” of anxiety the day before.

“Today I felt like someone was coming, I started to feel a little uncertain, so I’m walking now, and I’m outside and I’m looking at the ocean, this which is helpful,” she said in the video. . “I’m kind of, almost in the middle of a panic attack right now, but it feels good to get through this, and I keep telling myself it won’t last forever.”

The next day, she shared that the attacks start with a tingling in my chest, then “it goes straight to my stomach.”

“But so far today I’m fine, and it’s like, I never know, it’s day to day,” she said.

In the caption, she wrote that “the last year and a half has been plagued with PTSD stuff.”

“It’s funny. I don’t have anxiety about acting, but I have anxiety about life,” she said in the caption.

She then took to TikTok on April 16 to share a post documenting how she was preparing for a trip to the farmers’ market and explained that wearing makeup for “almost no reason” helps her manage PTSD-related symptoms and anxiety.

“So we’re going to a farmers market today and, you know, sometimes I like to be overdressed for stuff because getting ready gives me something to do. I don’t have to wallow in thoughts. weird or stuff like that.”

“I also like being overdressed. It just gives me something to do to dress up,” she continued. “So I have to show you this outfit because it’s ridiculous.”

She poked fun at herself in the caption, writing, “Hahaha. Yes, I’m going to put makeup on and get dressed for the farmer’s market if it makes me forget my #PanicAttacks #PTSD #Anxiety #AnxietyAttacks.”

In the comments section, fans loved her candid approach to talking about mental health.

“Kathy I absolutely LOVE you since I was little! Thank you for sharing and normalizing your struggles,” one person wrote. “You are amazing.”

“Hey you do, you do something. That in itself is amazing,” wrote another, adding the medal, applause and heart emojis.

One TikTok user commented, “It’s fantastic that you take care of yourself! Those who suffer from it know the most that they don’t have the energy to do it. You inspire others.”

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