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John Fetterman’s treatment for mental health

U.S. Sen. John Fetterman (D., Pennsylvania) in the Old Senate Chamber for the ceremonial swearing-in on Jan. 3 in Washington, D.C.
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It’s been a big week for John Fetterman.

He is set to return to the US Senate today after spending 44 days in hospital treating an episode of severe depression. This duration is approximately four times longer than the typical stay for a person admitted for the first time for treatment of depression.

Our lead article analyzes state data to compare its treatment to that of the average Pennsylvanian.

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Most people don’t benefit from the long duration of treatment that John Fetterman was able to receive.

Factors that contribute to length of stay include severity of symptoms, other medical conditions, or insurance.

But Fetterman is a famous patient. which often leads to special care and privilege.

Notable quote: “It shouldn’t be something only a senator can get,” said a senior Fetterman aide. “It shouldn’t be something that’s a luxury, it should become the norm and it’s something he’s going to fight for.”

The Inquirer analyzed state data on the 42,000 hospital stays for depression in 2021, the most recent year available.

How hospital stays in Pennsylvania are usually like:

  1. The average hospital stay is 10 days. Patients who have had previous episodes, children under 18, and adults 60 and older stay a little longer, for 13 days. Fetterman stayed for about six weeks.

  2. Young adults aged 18-39 most likely to be admitted for depression — representing 40% hospital admissions statewide. men in their fifties, like Fetterman, accounted for about 6% of admissions.

  3. Just like Fetterman, 90% of patients go home after discharge. The end of a hospital stay is often followed by therapy or medication.

Read on to learn more about the average treatment experience.

When you’re done, we’ve got a full timeline of Fetterman’s health journey, from his stroke to his hospitalization for depression.

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Spurred on by a conversation in a teacher’s African-American history class, two high school students dreamed up Northeast High School’s first Afro Day.

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The day was all about hair, but also about power, community and love.

Personal note: I wish I had their point of view when I was in high school. I only reached this level of acceptance as an adult. I deeply respect this proclamation of self-love.

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